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Wiping away Water Spots.

Wipe wet portions of the boat even when in water can help maintain the life of your boat. Water spots cause unforeseen damage that shortens the life of the boat, upholstery, and the electrical configurations of the watercraft. While water may appear to be a regular part of a boat’s life, water spots and other forms of water damage can quickly become an expensive and possibly even dangerous issue as water damage accumulates across all surfaces of the watercraft.

Why Remove Water Spots do to the Boat?

Removing water spots can reduce the damage done to the fiberglass, seats, and many electrical components of your boat. Wiping away water spots can mitigate many of the annual maintenance required to keep your boat looking good. Salt and other chemicals in the water can damage wax, finish, paint, leather, and many of the different materials found on a boat. This damage can reduce the longevity of these materials forcing boat owners to replace many parts of their ship well before they usually need repair. Many of these cosmetic damages can be extremely costly to fix. If these issues are left unfixed soon, your boat will begin to look worn out, which reduces much of the value of your initial investment. Water damage will cause costly repairs to cosmetic parts of the boat to happen with more regularity as the wear and tear continue to get worse the more water these parts of the ship take on. Furthermore, damage to electrical components can reduce a boat’s reliability and leave people stranded out on the water. This issue can turn a fun day on the water with the family into a dangerous scenario. Simple maintenance like keeping your boat dry can be the difference between a safe, fun day on the water and a possibly disastrous day.

What Can be Done to Prevent Damages?

To prevent these perhaps costly or even dangerous damages, there are a couple of things that can help. For starters, keep dry rags on the boat to enable the driver and all passengers to take care of water spots as they are seen. Furthermore, drying out the engine, haul, and interior after removing the boat from the water are great ways to reduce the amount of water damage a boat takes each year. These two simple tricks can save you up to thousands of dollars and help ensure your safety and all of those on your boat.

Why Your Boat Should get Serviced

Every 100 running hours, take your boat in for a professional inspection. Every hundred hours is ideal to ensure oil levels, engine components, and other safety-related parts of the vessel are in proper working condition. Inspections can prevent severe damage and keep your boat running longer. These inspections can elongate the life of your investment and keep the boat in pristine shape.

What does an Inspection Include?

Assessments can include tightening bolts, relubricating grease points, and a full safety inspection to ensure the best possible experience for you and your family. Regular maintenance can also prevent severe damage and catch other issues with the boat early on. Allowing mechanical matters to continue to fester will result in more significant maintenance costs. These preventative measures can ensure the safety of you and others who may be on the boat. These inspections can help ensure the reliability of your boat and all functional components. These inspections also cover all basis of the ship, from the haul to the mechanical parts like the engine. Minor damages in any element of the boat can increase and result in issues continuing to grow. These issues increase the likelihood of severe damages and injuries resulting from poor boat maintenance.

Why is Poor Maintenance Bad?

Poor boat maintenance can only make these damages more expensive and more serious the longer they are left untouched. To help ensure the safety of all those on your boat, get an annual inspection to catch possible mechanical issues as soon as possible. The sooner these issues can be discovered, the easier and cheaper it is to solve the problems and keep the fun going this summer on your boat. If these issues are left unfixed, it can result in a boatless summer, or even worse, your boating shutting down in the middle of the water. Boats shutting down in the water can quickly become a dangerous situation for you and everyone on board.

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