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Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint Services

Anti-fouling paint prevents marine bodies from attaching themselves to the hull.

Preventing marine buildup on the hull of your boat is essential to preserving your boat’s safety. When organisms accumulate on the hull, it can lead to unnecessary maintenance issues. Barnacles and mussels are known to cut through paint, damaging the wood or fiberglass underneath. The cracks and fissures left by these organisms can spread and worsen over time. It’s important to consider anti-fouling paint when evaluating ways to help keep your boat protected.

The majority of anti-fouling paints work by using metal as a biocide in the paint blend. The metal in the paint dissipates and prevents biofouling (the accumulation of marine organisms) and inhibits degradation to the surface of the hull.

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Benefits of Anti-Fouling Paints:

  • Helps the hull maintain its speed with reduced drag

  • Diminishes the need for hull cleaning between boating seasons

  • No over-growth results in optimal engine pressure, reducing fuel consumption

  • Long-lasting usage

Is it time to get the bottom of your boat hullside paint refreshed?

It’s important because bottom paint is designed to discourage weeds, barnacles, and other aquatic organisms from attaching themselves to the underwater portion of your boat’s hull.

Gulf Marine Yachtworks uses these high-quality paints: Interlux, AWL Grip, Pettit, Seahawk, and more!

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